Tentang Diceritain

Diceritain adalah aplikasi konseling sebaya pertama yang terintegrasi untuk mahasiswa di seluruh Indonesia. Layanan preventif yang mengedepankan kepentingan kesehatan mental mahasiswa se-Indonesia dengan menyediakan layanan konseling sebaya dan mengutamakan anonimitas untuk kenyamanan bersama. Diceritain menjamin kualitas konselor terlatih sebelum dapat memberikan jasa konseling.


Top 20 Talent Scouting Telkomsel NextDev - Healthtech Innovation

Tanoto Student Research Award 2020

UI Incubate 2021

Top 10 Talent Scouting Telkomsel NextDev - Health Revolution

Hatch! #1000StartupDigital

The Greater Hub Batch X Incubation Program 2021


Over the years, Thalia has collected experience in undertanding communities and creating products that are able to tackle today's adversity. She was the project officer of UI Sehat Mental and has worked in Heylaw as an UI/UX researcher before moving into the role of product manager in Satu Persen.

Hanun Thalia

Chief Product Officer

Lathifa has a lot of experience in Indonesian college students' mental health issues. She also has been involved as a leader in so many organizations and communities. Besides her study, she runs a small business in her hometown. Project management skill becomes one of her strength. Combine all of those skills, Lathifa founding Diceritain together with Thalia and Rischa because they believe that mental health is the key to create a successful college student in Indonesia.

Lathifa Dinar

Chief Executive Officer

Rischa has always been interested and involved in mental-health themed organizations and events. On 2020, she was accounted to be the Steering Committee Head of UI Sehat Mental - a year long event focusing on improving the mental health of students in UI and Indonesia with over 100 persons working to make it possible. She is now the COO of Diceritain in hopes that she can continue her passion in mental health as well as people-management.

Rischa Indira

Chief Operating Officer

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